The ASDTester assess the efficiency and correctness of an ASDParser for ASD grammars on an English Noun Phrase input (no semantics).

  It is designed to demonstrate the alternative ways an English noun phrase such as "the big black dog", can be  parsed.

The URL to type in the first text field area must be entered like so here: with the file name "npX.grm" because that is the one needed for this example. This file is the most complete one as it is a merge of some 20 grammars.

The grammar file name, in URL form, is to be typed in the text field area with an ENTER KEY at the end to trigger the text input event listener  in Java. Many other grammars can be used with this application. There are no semantics here, only syntax rules.

This URL " "  displays an extensive list of grammar modules to choose from depending on the English phrase structure to  parsed and the demo application being used. 
The output is displayed  in side-tree and bracketed forms. Many different parses of the same noun phrase are possible.  A recent update  with toolbar icons can used instead, as well as the original  text menu.

  A new version working on Java 8 here  is ready for testing.

Click to launch the ASDTester Demo application.